I’ve been collecting the mini sample masks by L’Herboflore & Maskingdom @beautibi always throws into every order but I never knew what to do with all of them. So I decided to slap them all on my face all at once!
What have you done with these mini masks?
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#Skinfood Snail Beauty in a Food Mask Sheet.
When @fiddysnails declares it to be Snail Mask Saturday, it’s the perfect reason to bust out a snail mask!
This mask has a milky essence and less than 1 tsp of extra essence in the packet. The material is on the thicker side and has a strong floral perfume that reminds me of some of the Etude House snail mask. Because the mask is on the thicker side, the edges around my jaw and chin kept lifting up. This mask claims to smooth and firm your skin, and after wearing this mask for ~30 minutes, I found the claims to be true. My skin did look a little red after removing the mask but it went away after a few minutes.
Disclaimer: this mask was in the September @piibusocial box which I received for free.
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I just finished up a bottle of the Clarifying Glow Serum by @pamperurselfgreen of @you.skincare and wanted to share my thoughts on it. I was drawn to this product because it has some of my favorite ingredients like centella extract, licorice root extract, niacinamide, & sea buckthorn oil to make a powerhouse serum that fights & heals acne and also helps fade the lingering marks that those pesky pimples can leave behind.
I used this serum twice daily and you only need a few drops to spread all around my face. I even mixed it with the Cosrx Snail Essence for an even easier application. It’s fairly moisturizing so I was able to skip right to my sunscreen during the day.
I started using this serum when my skin was at it’s worst with several active breakouts along my cheeks and jawline. I didn’t see results right away (and @you.skincare does not make claims of that sort) but after a few weeks of use, my skin finally looks better. The breakouts have healed and I still have some marks leftover, but they are fading faster than normal.
Surprisingly, this 15ml bottle lasted 2 months with twice daily use! Next time I’ll dial back to once a day use to have it last even longer. At $40 for 15ml and $60 for 30ml, it’s a splurge-worthy product. I will definitely repurchase this, but I do have some other serums to get to first and since this is handmade by Amy, I’d rather order when I’m ready to use it to get a fresh bottle!
🎁Disclaimer: Amy gifted this bottle to me when we did a mask swap.
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#AnniesWay Honey Deep Moisturizing Jelly Mask.
Fanny from @anfcosmetics reached out recently to see if I wanted to try some masks by @annieswayus. I had only tried the Arbutin + Hyaluronic Acid mask before and was eager to try the other varieties. I used the Honey one first as I could always use more moisture these days.
This is a 35ml single use sachet. It seems like a lot of product to use all at once, but you need to apply a thick layer in order to scrape it off afterwards. The mask has a thick gel-like consistency and did not pick up any strong scents. This was at room temperature but I may put the other masks in the fridge for a nice cooling effect!
I had this mask on for ~30 minutes and it looked like some of the mask had evaporated so it wasn’t quite as thick as when I applied it. FYI the mask does not dry down like a clay mask. I used a spatula to scrape the mask off my face and rinsed the rest off with cool water. My skin did feel more plump & smooth afterwards but I still had to use my regular moisturizer.
Disclaimer: I received this mask for free from @anfcosmetics in exchange for an honest review.
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#Karuna Exfoliating+ Face Mask.
This is a wood-pulp fiber mask but feels pretty similar to a MBD mask. I couldn’t pick up much of a scent but I’ve been having pretty bad allergies so my sense of smell is shot. As you can see, it fits my face pretty well and is dripping with essence. There’s ~1 tsp of extra essence in the packet so I just patted it on top of the mask.
The packaging says this and I completely agree, this mask is not for sensitive skin! Since I’ve been blowing my nose because of my allergies, there was a very strong tingle around my nose and upper lip area.
This mask contains lemon and pineapple extracts as well as Salicylic Acid for exfoliating. Niacinamide is listed as the second ingredient. Since this isn’t a hydrating mask, I only kept it on for ~15 minutes. When I removed the mask, I was surprised to see a layer of tiny bubbles on my face. I rubbed it in and my face does feel smoother but not any brighter. Due to personal preference, I’d rather use a chemical or physical exfoliant so I would not repurchase this mask.
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💥Haul/Sale PSA/Mini Giveaway!💥
You guys, I’ve been downright HOUNDING poor Margaret of @melodycosme for months asking when the #ManyoFactory Galactomyces 10x mask would be back in stock ever since @kinsengnsq compared it to my HG Whamisa hydrogels. So when Margaret let me know they were back in stock and they came with friends, I immediately hit purchase on:
🎉Manyo Factory Active Refresh Herb Mask
🎉Manyo Factory Bifidalacto 10x Wrap Mask
🎉Manyo Factory Galactomyces 10x Wrap Mask
As usual, she was also super generous with samples too!
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#JayjunCosmetics Skin Fit Aqua Brightening Mask. This is a 2-step mask with a hyaluronic acid essence for step 1 and plant stem cell mask for step 2. I didn’t detect much of a fragrance from either step so this might be a good option for those of you with sensitive noses. The hyaluronic acid essence has a gel-like texture that was easy to massage into my skin. The mask itself was super soft and soaked with essence. I had the mask on for 40 minutes and most of the mask was still very wet! True to it’s brightening claims on the packaging, my face was bright and felt moisturized because of the hyaluronic acid.
Disclaimer: I received this mask for free from @cupidrop.official
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