#Ultrue I’m Sorry For My Skin Jelly Masks. Thought I’d do a roundup review since there are more similarities than differences between all the flavors.
The mask is a super soft cottony material that adheres really well to my skin and stays put the whole time. All the masks had 1 tbsp of of extra jelly-like essence which is good to slather on your arms, neck and chest. Or check out my post earlier this week to see how I used the extra essence. The essence is a light brown/dark-yellow color. The masks lasted at least an hour which was amazing.
All the masks had a cooling tingle. Nothing unpleasant or worry some but just FYI.
I got these masks from @0.8l_usa & @imine_skincare in exchange for a review. They’re available from @cupidrop.official and would recommend giving these masks a try!
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Because @mai_boxes & @skinhairnailcare asked, here’s my #fotd!
BTW the Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Yu looks brighter & pinker IRL.
All products & tools were listed and tagged in my previous post.
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Today’s #MotD since I haven’t posted one in awhile. TBH nothing changes too much aside from blush, highlighter and lip color!
#vant365 air touch cushion
#Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
#Tarte blush/bronzer duo
#Colourpop highlighter in Wisp
#Glossier boy brow in black
#Lancome Hypnose Drama
#nars Satin Lip Pencil in Yu
Velcro hair “clip”
#WayneGoss Brush 22 to groom brows
#Sephora angled blush brush for bronzer
#RealTechniques blush brush for blush
#WayneGoss 2015 Holiday brush for powder
#Shiseido lash curler
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Hi AB friends, I’m decluttering my skincare stash! If anyone in the US is interested, I’m destashing:
RE:CIPE Rose Petal Cleansing Oil, 90%+ full (used less than 5x) – $15
RE:CIPE Slowganic Cleanser (Lemon), 80% full. Only used with included spatula – $13
Prices include shipping and willing to sell the set for $25. DM me if you are interested or want more photos! from Instagram: http://ift.tt/1NYKJGD

#Femmue Botanist Elder Mask for Hydration/Radiance. This might be the first mask I’ve used where the material is made of bamboo. It’s a thick mask but adhered well. Had a floral fragrance. Wore this mask for 40 minutes & massaged remaining essence which absorbed quickly and was not sticky. I used this after my super drying Curology Step and my skin had no signs of dryness afterwards or the next morning.
Got this in the Mask Party box from @beautibi and is now sold ala carte. I’m curious about the microfiber versions & wonder if they fit even better.
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When a mask gives you a shit ton of essence: put the mask on a clean surface, squeeze out the essence from the packet, slather it on your face & then apply the mask. 😜
I’ll be posting a roundup review on the I’m Sorry For My Skin line of masks by #Ultrue I got from @0.8l_usa later this week!
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#innisfree Rose It’s Real Squeeze Mask. Out of the packet, there was a whiff of a rose scent 👍🏽 along with a rubbing alcohol scent 👎🏽. Can’t win them all, can you?
The mask was nice and thin similar to My Beauty Diary masks & fit my face well. The mask lasted ~45 minutes and my face was hydrated and soft afterwards. Would not recommend if you’re sensitive to alcohol in skincare products.
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