So #abmidyearstashchallenge starts tomorrow which I am super excited about and can’t wait to see everyone’s stashes.
I am also going to go through all 20 of the Etude House I Need You masks I have pictured here throughout the month. UNFORTUNATELY Etude House has sadly discontinued these masks 😡😡😡😡but they have new reformulated masks coming out. A lot of the same flavors will remain though.
Looking forward to June! from Instagram:

#Tosowoong Rice Paper Pack. I’ve been so curious about this mask ever since I found out about its existence & when @cupidrop.official offered to send this mask along with some others, I wholeheartedly said yes.
The mask comes in a dried rice paper form (if you’ve ever made fresh spring rolls, you’d be familiar with the material). It comes in a shallow tray where you’re supposed to pour the essence into the tray to soak for a few minutes. @asianbeautyja said to make sure the essence soaks every bit of the mask or else some parts will still be hard. I gently moved the essence around in the tray and a few minutes later the hard rice paper was soft and pliable like a hydrogel mask. The mask is really thin and easy to fold up on itself. When I applied the bottom half of the mask, I had somehow torn the area above my lip😞
It’s a two piece mask and the essence does not have much of a scent at all. The mask fit really well and even covered my entire forehead. After 20 minutes the edges of the mask started to dry up. When I removed the mask my face looked brighter and get really smooth. It almost looked like the mask left an imperceptibly thin film on my face (like wearing makeup primer) to make it so smooth. This might be a good mask to try before wearing makeup but not so sure it’s worth the effort. Worth the skincaretainment though!
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🌟May empties🌟
#TonyMoly Pure Eco Snail Moisture Gel. Love this as a lightweight body moisturizer. WR.
#Neutrogena Body Clear Body Spray. Been using this when I get pimples on my chest or back. Looks like it’s a discontinued product so I purchased a different brand.
#Atopalm Moisturizing Eye Repair Serum. No idea if this did anything. WNR (but I’m not an eye cream person)
#OST C20 Vitamin C serum. Love this stuff but it oxidizes so quickly. Trying something new before I repurchase this.
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#NatureRepublic Bee Venom Bio Cellulose Mask Sheet. Do not try this if you have a bee sting allergy!
It sounds scary but bee venom is supposed to unclog pores and has anti-bacterial properties. If you’ve used the Leaders coconut gel masks before, this feels very similar. It has a herbal & medicinal scent.
I’ve been battling clogged pores on my forehead for quite some time and have been using a BHA on it and have been seeing slow but steady improvement. After I used this mask, my forehead looked a lot better with some of the bumps looking a lot smaller. Yay!
This was my first time using a mask by @naturerepublic_usa and excited to try more.
I got this mask from @petalumaandco which is one of the few online shops I’ve seen carry this brand.
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Got some goodies from @cupidrop.official the other day! Kate reached out to ask if I wanted to try some masks she noticed I haven’t reviewed yet. Super excited to use these especially the Tosowoong Rice Paper Pack. The mask is made of dried rice paper and you soak it in the included essence before you use it. So cool!
Thanks again for the thoughtful package @cupidrop.official!
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#Ettang Peeling Soothing Mask. This is a two step mask. First rub the “fresh peeling gel” on clean dry skin. The product balls up on itself to exfoliate your skin. After rinsing the balled up gunk off, I applied the sheet mask. Both products had a very mild fresh scent. The mask material is on the thicker side but adhered to my face well. After 30 minutes I removed the mask. The peeling gel did a good job as my skin did feel smoother afterwards. The mask had a good hydrating and brightening effect. I recommend this for people who are looking for gentle exfoliation and hydration afterwards.
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#Lovemore Black Pearl True White Mask. If you’re looking for a brightening mask, look no further! Like other Lovemore masks, I loved the thin silk material. The mask dried up within 20-30 minutes but when I removed it my face was glowing and bright! I’ll have to find a MBD Black Pearl mask to compare at some point but I highly recommend this mask.
Unfortunately this mask is currently sold out at @melodycosme & @shop.chuusi so will be on the lookout when they restock!
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