#TheSaem Pure Natural Mask Sheet Snail. This mask has a thin material and soaked with essence. FYI it does have a pretty strong floral scent. The mask fit was just ok, I liked all the slits around the face but the section above my lips was really thin and the nose flap was comically short. I did feel a slight warm tingling while I had the mask on, but when I removed the mask there were no signs of irritation. Because of the licorice root extract, I saw some good brightening effects! Probably would not repurchase because of the tingling & fit though.
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June skincare empties!
#Biore UV Watery Essence SPF 50/PA++++. My last tube from Japan 😭. Will repurchase once I get through more of the Missha sunscreens in my stash.
#FreshBeauty Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream. This fool packet lasted almost a month with daily use!
#Missha All Around Safe Block Essence Sun SPF45/PA+++. Mr. Mask Addict uses this too and we have many backups!
#rasianbeauty #skincare #sunscreen #eyecream from Instagram: http://ift.tt/292MLIc

#Leaders Illuminating Treatment Mask. This mask is dripping with essence and has a great cotton material that adheres well. The mask looks nearly invisible! This smells just like the Leaders coconut gel masks. I had the mask on for over 40 minutes and it was still quite wet so I think you could leave it on for 45+ minutes to get the most out of it. This mask claims to brighten and I did see good brightening effects when I removed the mask. Would repurchase because I liked the fit and effects.
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#ThankYouFarmer Sun Project Shimmer Sun Essence SPF 30 PA++. This came just in time since I just finished a tube of sunscreen 😎.
This chemical sunscreen has a creamy texture and has a light pink color. It spreads easily and there’s no white cast at all. You can see on my left hand that the product is shimmery so if you have oily skin or don’t like shimmery/dewy skin then I’d stay away. I really liked this since it looked like I’m really good at strobing/highlighting ✨. The sunscreen is so great at catching the light.
Once I applied my foundation or BB cream on top, the shimmer is covered and doesn’t peek through. So far this product hasn’t balled up when layered with other products either! 👍🏽
The one con is the fact that it’s only SPF 30 PA++ as I’d prefer more sun protection especially in the summer 🌞.
I received this for free from @0.8l_usa in exchange for an honest review.
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#Leaders Wrinkle Firming Black Eye Mask. This was more of a fun mask to use because of it’s butterfly shape. I liked how it covers the eye area and cheeks. For the odd shape, it actually adhered to my face well! Didn’t see much brightening effects but I don’t have dark circles under my eyes. It was fun to pretend I was at a masquerade party with my dog though!
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#PonyEffect Luminous Boosting Mask Pack. I picked this up from @memebox_usa recently since I’m a huge fan of Pony’s YouTube channel!
This mask doesn’t have much of a scent but it is dripping with essence. I had to have a towel on hand to deal with the essence dripping down my neck! The mask material is nice and thin so it adhered well to my face. I was able to keep the mask on for about 30 minutes. The mask claims to “even out uneven texture, brighten up uneven skintone, and nourish all at once.” Afterwards, my skin did look more even but effects were nothing special. Would not repurchase.
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#Ultrue #ImSorryForMySkin Green Mud Mask – Soothing. This mask is super interesting and haven’t used anything like it before. It’s basically a mud mask in a sheet mask! It’s like the sheet mask is soaked in a mud mask rather than with essence. It has a medicinal scent to it but it’s not unpleasant at all. It’s a two-piece mask and I left it on until the mask dried up which was ~30 minutes or so. The instructions said to remove the mask from the bottom up and I was pleasantly surprised that there was hardly any mask residue remaining on my face. My face felt very clean and a little tight. I might be imagining things but the large pimple on my chin seems a bit reduced and less red.
I quite like this type of mask since clay/mud masks don’t appeal to me because of the messiness of application and removal.
PS. Learn from my mistakes and read all the instructions and tips on the package. One of the tips said to apply cream on your eyebrows and I can understand why because the mask took off 2 eyebrow hairs!
I received this and the Black Mud mask for free from @0.8l_usa in exchange for an honest review.
#sheetmask #08l from Instagram: http://ift.tt/291bm3e