#CLIV Revitalizing C Corrector Ampoule Supreme Gold Foil Mask.
This is a 2-step mask with a thick gel ampoule as the first step and then the fancy gold foil mask as step 2. The ampoule has more than enough for 2-3 uses so I saved some to use the next morning & evening. Like the other CLIV masks, there’s not much of the scent. The foil mask adheres well and there’s a good palmful of watery essence in the packet so I applied that on my face & neck before applying the foil mask.
This mask claims to deliver intensive brightening & evening out overall skin tone. Unfortunately I didn’t see much brightening at all with this mask so of the 3 CLIV masks I tried, this is the only one I would not repurchase.
Disclaimer: I received this mask for free from @cupidrop.official!
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#Lovemore Yurong Scattered Amazing White Mask.
Lovemore masks are some of my favorite masks because they’re so thin and comfortable to wear. This mask has a clean powdery scent and only has 1/2 tsp of leftover essence in the packet. Because it’s a thin silk mask, the mask dried up fairly quickly (within 20-30 minutes) and when I removed the mask, I saw some good brightening effects that lasted through the night.
I bought this from @melodycosme but looks like they’re all out but you can get this from @beautibi, @shop.chuusi, or @beautiusofficial
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#TonyMoly Pureness 100 Snail Mask Sheet.
This is a pretty basic cotton mask with a fresh botanic scent. There’s ~1 tsp of extra essence in the packet. The fit is just ok since it’s a little too wide for my face and has a short nose flap. I had this mask on for about ~20 minutes and found this mask to be slightly hydrating but nothing special. Overall, this is a good cheap basic mask but would not go out of my way to repurchase.
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#AnniesWay Charcoal Black Jelly Mask.
While everyone’s been enjoying the wonderful fall weather, there’s a heat wave sweeping the SF Bay Area. I was a sweaty mess at the end of the day and needed a deep clean after a long day. Luckily, this mask was in the fridge so it was nice to have a cooling mask on my face!
As you can tell, this is a black mask with a jelly-like texture. The packaging instructed me to leave it on for 30 minutes and remove the mask by scraping it off with a spatula. I was pleasantly surprised to see bright and clean skin when I rinsed off the leftover mask bits. I would compare the results to be comparable to a clay mask but my skin didn’t feel overly stripped or dry afterwards. Would definitely repurchase this one for days I want a gentle yet deep clean.
Disclaimer: I received this mask for free from @anfcosmetics in exchange for an honest review.
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@snowwhiteandtheasianpear posted yesterday about the @e.acwell 5.5 Refined Clear Foam pH testing at a pH of 9+! For a brand that puts 5.5 on the label, I was disappointed to discover it’s a high pH and not a good cleanser choice especially for those who have acne prone skin. If you’re curious why, just Google “low pH cleansers” as there are quite a few articles/blog posts on the subject.
I have the Acwell Licorice pH Balancing Cleansing Toner and decided to pH test it just in case. According to my strips, it clocks in somewhere between a pH of 5 and 6. Yay!
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I’ve been collecting the mini sample masks by L’Herboflore & Maskingdom @beautibi always throws into every order but I never knew what to do with all of them. So I decided to slap them all on my face all at once!
What have you done with these mini masks?
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#Skinfood Snail Beauty in a Food Mask Sheet.
When @fiddysnails declares it to be Snail Mask Saturday, it’s the perfect reason to bust out a snail mask!
This mask has a milky essence and less than 1 tsp of extra essence in the packet. The material is on the thicker side and has a strong floral perfume that reminds me of some of the Etude House snail mask. Because the mask is on the thicker side, the edges around my jaw and chin kept lifting up. This mask claims to smooth and firm your skin, and after wearing this mask for ~30 minutes, I found the claims to be true. My skin did look a little red after removing the mask but it went away after a few minutes.
Disclaimer: this mask was in the September @piibusocial box which I received for free.
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