Maskingdom Pearl & Swiftlet Nest Sexy Charming Lace Mask.
Day 30 of #novembermaskchallenge hosted by @nourishtheskin + @woodnote_song & it’s “The Ultimate Favorite” mask themed today.
I actually wasn’t expecting this mask to be my favorite of this mask challenge because I haven’t had a lot of luck with expensive masks and I really didn’t like the Banila Co lace-hydrogel mask because it felt itchy/scratchy on my face. Nonetheless I truly love this mask!
This mask has a soft fruity scent and there wasn’t any extra essence left in the packet. The mask itself is made of a soft stretchy lace material which is pretty unique. Just like crossing the street, always check both sides of sheet masks! One side of the mask is smoother so I applied that side on my face to avoid any potential scratchiness. There are ear straps and a chin strap with openings to hook around your ears as well.
I was able to wear this mask for ~40 minutes before the ear hooks started to bother me. I wish I could have used it longer because the mask was still very wet!
Upon removing the mask, I saw a good brightening effect. Even more impressive was that 2 of my healing pimples had completely flattened which I’ve never seen before aside from using hydrocolloid bandages!
Tati aka @glamlifeguru had reviewed the Givenchy Le Soin Noir Lace Face Mask awhile ago and those retail for $80+ each (don’t believe me? Look it up!). If you’re looking for a “dupe” and want to wear a lace mask, this mask is a bargain in comparison.
This mask is currently $10 from @beautibi and my wallet is devastated to know that I would definitely repurchase this mask.
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Bonvivant Botanical Pure Mask Pack Collagen + Olive.
This mask has a creamy essence and smells a bit like tart apple which I enjoyed. This mask claims to restore dehydrated, tired, and aging skin. I had this on for ~30 minutes and there was a bit of leftover essence on my skin to massage in. It was moisturizing enough for me to skip my daytime moisturizer for the day. At $1 each, this is a really good & inexpensive mask!
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Montagne Jeunesse Manuka Honey Peel Off Masque.
Day 28 of #novembermaskchallenge hosted by @nourishtheskin + @woodnote_song & it’s Peel Off mask themed today.
Half-assed my prop game with a bottle of honey. HOW ORIGINAL ANNA! Oh well. Anyway, I’ve seen these masks at drugstores and thought this would be something cool to try. This mask looks just like honey in color and texture. It was pretty sticky to spread around my face. It has a strong honey and jasmine scent that lingered even after the mask was removed. The mask was easy to peel off after 20+ minutes. I had a bit around my eyebrows that I had to rinse off with water. This mask definitely had cleansing and smoothing properties to it! It’s a bit stripping kind of like a good clay mask so I would repurchase and use sparingly.
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Audrey & Young Tofu Whitening and Moisture Sheet Mask – Lentil Bean.
Day 27 of #novembermaskchallenge hosted by @nourishtheskin + @woodnote_song & it’s “Feeling Hungry?” Tasty Food mask themed today.
I love eating tofu & I know this is one of @mindyourbeauty’s favorite masks so I had really high hopes for this mask. This mask has a faint herbal/ginseng-like scent and there was ~1 tbsp of clear gel-ish essence leftover in the packet. The mask material is a microfiber material and clings so well to my skin. I think microfiber is my new favorite mask material!
I had the mask on for ~30 minutes and when I removed the mask, my skin looked even and bright! I would definitely repurchase but looks like I can only buy it from Korea as I can’t find any US-based stores that carry it.
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Creer Lumiere Oligopin mask.
I was recently approached YJ from @itslimited_my, a personal shopping service based in Malaysia who sources products from all over Asia, if I wanted to try a Taiwanese mask by Creer Lumiere. I’d never heard of the brand but I have had really good experiences with Taiwanese sheet masks before so I was game to try it out.
I’d never heard of the star ingredient, Oligopin which is also known as French maritime pine bark extract and it is high in antioxidants and has claims of firming & elasticity in skincare.
This mask is sandwiched between 2 backings. One side is the shiny pearl paper and the other is a yellow mesh. The mask itself is a light yellow/beige color. The mask is quite thin and has a stiff papery feeling. As you can see, this mask is downright HUGE! The mask fits my fivehead and then some so now I know how @asianbeautyja feels most of the time. The mask also covered past my jawline too.
I had this mask on for ~30 minutes and when I removed it, my skin looked really bright and felt moisturized. I didn’t experience much firming though. If anyone in Malaysia or Taiwan has heard of this brand, I’d love to know more about it!
Disclaimer: I received this mask for free from @itslimited_my.
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Oozoo Face Injection Mask Hydro Lift.
Day 26 of #novembermaskchallenge hosted by @nourishtheskin + @woodnote_song & it’s “Doctor! Doctor!” Medicinal mask themed today.
Finally joining @silvertran in the unofficial Oozoo mask club! This is a 2-part mask that has an injector filled with essence that you’re supposed to inject into the sheet mask packet. I didn’t read the instructions correctly and didn’t know there was a creamy essence in the injector I was supposed to shake before injecting. Ooops.
The mask is a silky microfiber material that clings really well to my face. The mask smells like oolong tea which was a pleasant surprise. I had this mask on for over 30 minutes and most of the mask was still pretty damp. I used this during the day and didn’t need to followup with a moisturizer and just applied sunscreen. I think this mask would be great for those with dry skin.
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Farmacy Hydrating Coconut Gel Mask – Soothing (Kale).
Anyone taking advantage of all the Black Friday sales today/this weekend? My friends @peepingpomeranian & @colebiancardi have been updating their blogs with all the best deals so be sure to check them out. Surprisingly none of the sales have tempted me (yet) but I plan to shop the @stratiaskin sale in early December!
This is the first Farmacy sheet mask I’ve tried and it’s a coconut gel mask so if you’re familiar with the popular @leadersusa coconut gel masks, this feels very similar. The mask is sandwiched between 2 layers of protective mesh so make sure you remove both layers or else you’ll think this is a terrible fitting mask as evidenced by some unfavorable Sephora reviews because of it.
This mask has a pretty strong fragrance somewhat similar to the Leaders mask smell. The material itself is really thin and adheres really well. This is actually the best fitting coconut gel mask I’ve ever used.
I had this mask on for just under 40 minutes and the mask was pretty dry by then. There wasn’t any essence to massage in and my face felt smooth and calm.
I purchased this mask from Sephora as part of their “Customizable Skin Care & Hair Gift Set” which retails for $25 and you can choose 5 items including this mask which is normally valued at $8. This mask is only sold in sets of 3 for $24 so I recommend getting this custom set while you can since the value is so good!
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