Mediheal x Line Friends E.G.T Timetox Ampoule Mask.
Can I be honest with you all for a minute? I don’t the hype with Line Friends, Gudetama, Adventure Time and other cute cartoony characters I’ve seen with skincare collabs. /runs from tomatoes thrown at me.
Ok, so glad I could get that off my chest! This mask was a gift from my friend @misswinnielee and was hoping this was a character mask. However, I’ll settle for Brown hanging out on my cheek. This mask has a very faint smoky herbal scent and the mask material was super soft and drenched with essence.
This mask claims to improve skin elasticity and the mask packaging does recommend using this mask 2-3x/week for 4 consecutive weeks. So while I didn’t see any change with just a one time use, I’m curious to see if there are long-term benefits! Maybe some day I’ll get a 10-pack of this mask and try it out.
For every IG photo posted this December sporting your sheet mask selfie, @peachandlily will donate $1.00 to @restorenyc who aims to end sex trafficking in NYC. #MaskforaCause #PeachxRestore
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