I’m From Vitamin Tree Mask.
Hope you’re all having a relaxing Christmas Eve! Thought I’d get festive with a green mask to go with my 🎄!
When I first saw this mask, I assumed it was a tea tree mask but when I read up on what “vitamin tree” was, it’s actually from Sea Buckthorn Tree! I happen to love sea buckthorn oil so I was even more excited to use this mask. This contains vitamin tree extract & leaves and is supposed to leave your skin clean and moisturized.
The color is different than other masks I’ve used so I felt a bit like Shrek or Elphaba. It has an earthy herby scent that I found quite pleasant but I’ve seen other reviewers say they don’t like it so YMMV.
The consistency of this mask reminds me of a paste or creamy peanut butter. Like the I’m From Honey mask, the mask didn’t change much over time though it seemed like it dried just a little bit but not so much that I couldn’t move my face.
I really like this mask as it had a pore cleaning effect but my skin didn’t feel super dry or stripped like it would with a traditional clay mask. I still like the Honey mask way more if you can only choose one.
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