Dearpacker Jeju Camellia Flower Mask.
I’ve been saving this mask because the packaging is just so pretty to rip apart but I can’t be a hoarder so I’m using it!
This mask has a pretty strong floral scent and the mask material is on the thicker side but feels soft & soaked with essence. There’s also little flecks of cotton seeds or something like that embedded in the mask. The essence itself is also on the thicker side and doesn’t drip which is good for my clothes staying dry!
I had this mask on for ~40 minutes and by then the chin and area below my nose were pretty dry. I saw some slight brightening effects thanks to the niacinamide and the mask had good moisturizing properties due to camellia extract.
I’ve seen this mask and other varieties available on Amazon, eBay and @bbcosmetic_official.
For every IG photo posted this December sporting your sheet mask selfie, @peachandlily will donate $1.00 to @restorenyc who aims to end sex trafficking in NYC. #MaskforaCause #PeachxRestore
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Oleva+ Oxygen Moisturizing Black Mask.
Happy Monday everyone!
This is a pretty basic hydrating mask. The mask material is pretty thin and adheres well. It has a slightly soapy scent that I wasn’t a huge fan of. I was able to wear this mask for ~30 minutes and found that my skin felt hydrated and plump.
As far as I can tell @olevaplus masks are available in Sephora stores in the Middle East.
Disclaimer: I received this mask for free from @0.8l_usa.
For every IG photo posted this December sporting your sheet mask selfie, @peachandlily will donate $1.00 to @restorenyc who aims to end sex trafficking in NYC. #MaskforaCause #PeachxRestore
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Can’t wait to do this challenge again! Who’s in? Details below ⬇️
#Repost @peepingpomeranian
2016 isn’t over yet, but I am all aboard that 2017 hype train. And the first thing I want to do is get organized at the start of the year with the #ABnewyearstashchallenge it was so much fun last year to get to know and learn from each other in the ABcommunity that I knew it must happen again! *** This challenge will run from January 1st to January 31st*** and for those of you who are new, here’s the rundown
1. The concept behind this challenge is that we can get a visual inventory of our skincare/cosmetics and organize our collections. In doing so we get to learn what people are using/like/don’t like. We can follow along and learn from each other by checking the hashtag each day!
2. There really aren’t rules for participating, each day of the month of January represents a different type of skincare/cosmetic category. For example January 1st is oil cleansers, I will share my clesnsing balms/sherbet and micellar waters and use the #ABnewyearstashchallenge in my post .
3. Even though this started in the AsianBeauty enthusiast community it doesn’t mean you can’t post western products. I post everything I have! .
4. It doesn’t matter if you have a large or small collection, all are welcome! Share as much or as little as you like! Just be supportive of one another!
5. Since this is a great way to learn about what products work/don’t work for everyone I do have some tips on how to make your posts informative = include your skin type/concerns, rate your products, do mini reviews, organize your picture by what you like or don’t, explain how something helped you or how something didn’t work. If you need inspiration just check the posts from January 2016 and the #abmidyearstashchallenge for inspiration .
6. Most importantly, just have fun!
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Origins Clear Improvement, GinZing, Out of Trouble Masks.
I didn’t set out to do some multi-masking today but I’ve been dealing with breakouts along my chin and jaw so slathered some Out of Trouble there. My tube of Clear Improvement was right next to it so figured my forehead could use some love & pore cleansing. Then I remembered I had a deluxe sample of GinZing so that went onto my nose and cheeks.
Out of Trouble – dries out my pimples
Clear Improvement – pore cleansing yet not stripping
GinZing – peel off mask that leaves my skin smooth and almost poreless.
I swear this is #notsponsored but if @origins wants to throw some masks my way, ☎️ call me!
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Etude House 0.2 Therapy Air Mask – Dasmask Rose.
As you may know, Etude House discontinued their “I Need You” sheet mask line and replaced them with the 0.2 Therapy Air mask line. I really liked some of the I Need You masks so I was excited to try this new line out.
When I opened the packet, I was expecting to smell a bouquet of roses but it didn’t. I looked in the ingredient list and there’s no added fragrance. This mask had a faint fresh botanic scent and there was an entire palmful of watery essence leftover. The mask material is so much thinner than the I Need You masks! Not as thin as a silk mask, but pretty darn close in terms of clinginess.
I put on this mask and was really tired so I went to bed to close my eyes intending to take a quick nap. Unfortunately, I fell asleep for realsies and must have removed the mask at some point while I was sleeping. Good news is that my skin still felt moisturized in the morning even though I didn’t use an emulsion or cream. Gonna call it a win!
Huge thank you to @jeekee.noona for giving this mask to me because now I need MORE! I will be placing an Amazon order to get a variety set.
For every IG photo posted this December sporting your sheet mask selfie, @peachandlily will donate $1.00 to @restorenyc who aims to end sex trafficking in NYC. #MaskforaCause #PeachxRestore
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I’m From Honey Mask.
Ok, the hype is REAL with this mask. So many of my friends here on IG and the Slack chatroom have been raving about it that I just had to try it for myself.
This mask has a pudding-like consistency and there was a bit of oil separation so I used a spatula to mix it around. This mask smells so delicious just like honey & butterscotch.
The mask is made of all sorts of amazing ingredients like honey, snail mucin, bee venom, & propolis extract.
The mask glided on really smoothly and even after an hour, the mask did not move, evaporate or harden. The mask rinsed off easily in the shower.
As I was rinsing the mask off, I could already tell my skin felt happily nourished. I could see my skin looked even and calm. I’m really pleased with this mask!
I bought this for $16 at the @memebox_usa pop-up shop here in San Francisco and I’m definitely running back to the store for more. It’s currently sold out on the @memebox_usa website but it’s also available from @glowrecipe
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Masqueology Moisturizing Cream Mask.
Well I haven’t had a mask fail on me this spectacularly in a long time! 😥When I was unfolding this mask, the area connecting the forehead and nose flap completely tore. And while I applied this mask, I noticed that the eye and mouth openings were large and stretched out. For a mask this delicate, @masqueology should consider adding a backing to these masks.
The mask material is on the thicker side but it’s really soft and drenched with a thick creamy essence. It has a pretty strong floral scent and there’s ~1 tbsp of leftover essence in the packet.
I had this mask on for nearly an hour and the mask was still soaking wet and my face was damp with essence. Even though it was a Curology night (which means my face needs all the moisture it can get), I was able to skip my night cream! Overall, I love the idea of this mask with the cream essence and soft mask material but the misshapenness of this mask gives me pause in repurchasing. Have you had good experiences with this mask?
Disclaimer: I received this mask for free from @masqueology. You can buy this mask at @walmart.
FYI: For every IG photo posted this December sporting your sheet mask selfie, @peachandlily will donate $1.00 to @restorenyc who aims to end sex trafficking in NYC. #MaskforaCause #PeachxRestore
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